Why Global Salary?

It's always good to move to an advanced country with advanced economy, high employment rate, better human development index, stable government and flexible immigration policies, especially if you are from a developing country like India, where although growth opportunities are there, however, still are limited as compared to the many other developed country.


  • Move to an advanced nation, which has a strong and stable economy
  • Get easily employed because unemployment rate is very low
  • Get a home in world class and livable cities and provinces, which rank very high on various international parameters for livable cities.
  • Live in a place of low population growth and skill shortage, which gives tremendous job opportunities for the migrants especially to the Indians, as they are considered to be highly skilled, educated and fairly good in English as well.
  • Find several Indian communities, which is always good for someone who is from India.
  • Enroll in health care system which is one of the best in the world
  • Be a part of world class education system of Canada provides quality education to the students of all levels.
  • Enjoy flexible immigration policies as well as setup to support the new immigrants settle in the country, which indeed help the migrants to travel to and get settled easily.

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