How to get Global Salary?

We believe in the Immigrant Productivity Miracle which is the fact that Interested workers can increase their salary sixfold by settling abroad. And so we should let them. This is the magic of GLOBAL SALARY.


Software developers in the United States earn more than software developers in India. A lot more. One 2008 study showed that U.S. developers earned about $71,000 more per year on average than Indians. A paper presented by Michael Clemens of the Center for Global Development at this year’s American Economic Association conference offers provocative evidence that the main reason is inherently tied to place: The exact same high-tech workers could be creating much more value if they were allowed to relocate to the United States.

New data sheds light on just how much money are global salary seekers earning after arrival in Canada. Salaries were significantly higher for immigrants admitted to Canada for economic reasons, including skilled workers, entrepreneurs, investors, and caregivers. That class of immigrants earned a median income of $42,000. Immigrants admitted as the spouses and dependants of those who have gained entry to Canada through economic reasons, earned $26,000 easily.

While moving to a new country requires you to start over in many ways, there are strategies you can implement to improve your chances of getting GLOBAL SALARY ABROAD.

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Often new immigrants have a long and difficult time getting established in their chosen occupations. However, there are steps you can take to find meaningful work that is relevant to your experience .

Research means not only reading but also seeking out people who can give you some different perspectives. An information interview is a way of seeking advice and information from people working in the field you are interested in. They can tell you about courses you might need to take, overall trends and how you might get started.

When clients inquire about getting global salary, they usually ask us about the reasons why they may avail of this. Here is general information to guide you with your decision if you want to take on global salary and settle abroad.

If you want to pursue global salary and settle abroad options, you can reap the rewards of the following:

  1. Travel with less restriction - For instance, you want to travel to UK, Canada, US or Australia several times a year because of business or personal choice, you can do so freely without the need to apply for a travel visa every now and then. As a holder of dual citizenship, you can travel whenever you can.
  2. Residency - Once you become a PR HOLDER of another country, you will be bestowed with the legal rights to take up residence and live there whenever you want.
  3. Freedom If by any case that your country become politically or economically unstable, you can easily go to your second country for better prospects.
  4. Sign of Trust If you are bestowed with prospects of global salary, it signifies that you are trustworthy. Remember, only individuals who are qualified not only financially but of moral standards can be accepted as citizen of another country.
Once you finally decide that you want to take your global salary, don’t forget to call OASIS to further help you out with the process.

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